James WilliamsJames Williams
Former Executive Producer of “The World Today”
a local PBS affiliate international affairs program

Teaching Unity is a high, waving banner being raised in the name of the oneness of mankind – not optional learning, but the very path of human destiny. Your book is a learning guide for releasing greater human potentialities while children are young, thereby changing the direction of human civilization. It has practical steps for turning abstract notions of human commonality into actual experiences of it.

Dr. Susan Walker
Elementary / Middle School Teacher
Seattle, Washington

I shared the first PowerPoint last week with two fourth-grade classes—along with the donkey example, the gym shoe discussion and the word puzzles. It was a great lesson! The kids were engaged and interested. I finished lesson two yesterday. One of the other fourth-grade teachers was listening in and she told me she couldn’t believe how engaged the kids were (this is a very difficult group). She said, “How amazing these lessons are. They’ve caught the kids’ imagination and curiosity completely!”

We did the machine lesson—how the different parts of the machine work together in unity. They really get this idea of unity in diversity, and it was so wonderful to hear these kids, each one, explain what the concept is to the whole class. This is really a powerful curriculum! It is easy to pick and choose what works with this group and what I have time for, as well as to adapt the specific activities to the needs of the kids.


BarryBarry Tronstad
Retired Director, Technology Development Center
Ventura Unified School District, California

Dr. Gottlieb’s book is phenomenal—an incredibly useful teaching tool! All the activities reinforce concepts that are so crucial for people today.


DennyDenise McMillan
Retired Principal
Ventura Unified School District, California

It’s perfect for ELL classes too! I wish I had had it when I taught English as a Second Language and when I worked as a counselor with very divergent groups.  The activities―Unity Bingo, Hoop Game and Cooperative Musical Chairs for example―can be used in any social setting to bring groups together, help soon-to-be friends get to know each other and remove barriers in a fun and challenging way.

I plan to use these and more for home parties for kids or adults–incredibly adaptable for all ages, learning styles and settings.  Every teacher, administrator, counselor, parent, camp leader or religious-school organizer will thank you for your well thought out, easy-to-use book that helps internalize the crucial concept of unity in diversity.


Student, age 11
Washington State

A human being cannot describe how much you guys did for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


JudyJudy Rector
Teacher-trainer, Love-for-Haiti.com
Leavenworth, Washington

Love your Unity book and used some of the ideas for the art curriculum at the school in Haiti.



genestaGenesta Zarehbin
Home-school parent
Oakland, California

For those of us who home-school our kids, we have the bounty of LOTS of time to work with them and the challenge of almost no available curriculum. So each family is left to make things up, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s exhausting trying to be creative every day. It would be such a relief to have a nicely laid out, flexible, and systematic curriculum to work through. So thank you, thank you for your efforts.


Nawo2Nawo Fiamo
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
From Togo, West Africa

This book is truly a wonderful tool for parents and teachers. I like the activities and plan to use them with my own kids. Thank you so much for putting this together.



bethBeth Shevin
Special Projects Manager, Real Estate
Los Angeles, California

Wow! I love the subject matter—the Power of Unity—it speaks across lines of race, religion, gender and all the other divisions that we use to separate ourselves. Really wonderful work.

christinaChristina Hidalgo
Parent and homemaker
From the Philippines

Thank you for developing this AMAZING book. It is very easy to follow and I love the variety of approaches. I am looking forward to using this with my girls!



Dr. Stephanie Eijsink, M.D.Stephanie Eijsink - FB pic - Bahai
First Physicians Clinic
East Texas Medical Center

This book has more great ideas on one page than some books do in the whole volume!  Love it!


Kurt Hein2Dr. Kurt Hein

International Development Consultant, Retired
McMinneville, Oregon

I have taught all levels, from pre-school to graduate school, and have conducted educational research in more than 30 countries. This is an outstanding book for all teachers/educators!



James Pickard, Rita Rizek - MothersWish

James Pickard and Rita Rizek
Founders of A Mother’s Wish Foundation 
Operating the Lynn Barta Academy, serving poor rural communities in the Dominican Republic.

Teaching Unity is a bold step towards creating community where there exists division. Thank you so much for sharing such an insightful guide to help us build our community of healthy children in body, mind and soul.


kostas.magosDr. Kotsas Magos
Professor of Education 
University of Thessaly, Greece

I have in my hands your exciting book!!  It will be a very useful tool for our work in the field of intercultural education. I have used the book for classroom work as well as for teacher training. In both cases the comments of children and teachers were extremely positive. Teachers claimed they would be glad if the book was translated in Greek in order to use it as an everyday handbook. Children said that the activities were exciting and many of the children “played” the same activities with their parents and brothers/sisters at home after the school program.


Nadia4Nadia Fifita, Director
Ocean of Light International School 
Nuku’alofa, Kingdom of Tonga

Thank you Teaching Unity for your beautiful book. The School Director and students shared it together during break today and were inspired to hold a holiday camp next year – Camp Unity!!  What a great resource to support our Moral Education programs at school.


Somaya v2Somaya Hasan

Children’s class teacher 
Entebbe, Uganda

I can’t believe it!  At my first children class after receiving the Teaching Unity book, I started by explaining what does “Unity” mean, and then asked them one question: “From this meaning of unity, how can we benefit from unity in your opinion?”

And their answers were, one child after another:

1- We get good friendships.
2- We talk together and solve problems that face us.
3- Fighting and war among us become reduced.
4- We love and help each other.
5- We feel secure.
6- We develop capacity for learning and understand things better.
7- We can pray together and get God’s blessings.
8- We can play together and have fun.

My conclusion is that we cannot underestimate the degree of children’s responses to what they are taught!


Jae Sabol, Executive DirectorJae Sabol
One Community  

“I’ve had a chance to review your book and it is absolutely amazing!  The content goes beautifully with the education program we are designing.”


“This has the potential to be a game changer!”Amber

Amber Shevin
Co-Executive Director
Exponential Education
Ashanti Region, Ghana




Ludwig Tuman,  Composer/Director
Choral Tales Project  


“This wonderful program is a contribution to be celebrated, surely deserving of universal support and use.  What could be more vital than to nurture human unity in the hearts of the young?  What task more urgent than to illumine their minds, so they can see through, and shield themselves from, the ruinous falsehoods of prejudice.”



Janna Denton-Howes
Children’s class teacher 
British Columbia, Canada

“Used this book for a summer unity camp in my complex.  This will be the third year!  Awesome resource!!



Anna Fulton,  MSN, ARNP-C
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Yakima, WA, USA

“This is my “go to” book when teaching children’s classes in the community. Everything I need for teaching an hour or a daylong class is included, and so easy to follow. Best of all the children love the activities and are always completely engaged in their own learning!”





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