ESD 105 Official Logo - OK to use“This book is a must for every classroom and home”

“This enlightening manual will provide new knowledge for every student, teacher and parent, and will transform their understanding, attitudes and behaviors for a better tomorrow. This book is a must for every classroom and home.”

Steve Myers, Superintendent
Educational Service District 105
Central Washington State

“Teaching Unity clearly hits its mark.” Dr. Cynthia Rekdal, WSAME Exec Dir

“A seasoned educator, trainer and curriculum writer, Randie Gottlieb’s newest book is a testament to her years of working successfully with students and teachers. Her skills in negotiating the sometimes controversial terrain of multicultural/diversity education are reflected in how well she has laid the groundwork in presenting curricula with a focus on respect for differences. The materials and activities exemplify best practices not only in multicultural education, but in teaching in general.

This most welcome book includes clearly written, well organized, detailed lessons, activities, children’s performances and retreats – all tested with students. Gottlieb states in the book’s introduction: ‘This book is about hope…to help prepare our children for life as citizens in a global society….’ Teaching Unity clearly hits its mark on that account and more.”

Dr. Cynthia Rekdal, Executive Director
Washington State Association
for Multicultural Education (WSAME)

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“As important as the ABCs and the 123s.”

“A title of distinction…chosen for exhibiting superior levels of creativity, originality, and production quality.  Teaching Unity will give you the tools you need. These principles are just as important as the ABCs and the 123s.”

Independent Publisher Magazine
IP Notable Selection


“We appreciate your strong voice…”

dept of justice

“We commend your efforts to produce a publication designed to educate our nation’s children about the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity, and the need for unity. We appreciate your strong voice on behalf of our nation’s children and youth.”

Robert Listenbee
Office of Juvenile Justice
U.S. Departement of Justice

“A treasure trove of activities…” Beth-Bowen

“Dr. Randie Gottlieb’s 300 page book is a treasure trove of activities for parents, grandparents and teachers of children ages 8 to 12. I highly recommend it.”

Elizabeth L. Bowen, M.D.
Co-Representative to the United Nations
International Society of Doctors for the Environment


“Just the sort of book a teacher looks for…”

“Teaching Unity contains a variety of activities that are engaging and easy to prepare.skipping stones cover Written by an experienced educator who has taught across the US and abroad, these activities are tried and true and classroom ready. Just the sort of book a teacher looks for.”

Skipping Stones
Award-winning Multicultural Literary Magazine
Oct. – Dec. 2014

“This amazing book…”

“Wondering how to teach unity?  Wondering how we can all get along? Recent events remind us all too well that we have a long way to go. Teaching Unity is a great place to start. This amazing book is a guide designed for parents and educators of any level, from novice to experienced. If you’re seeking to build unity in your family, community, school, nation, in the world…you’ll want to have this wonderful resource as part of your tool kit.”

Baha’i Distribution Service
An Agency of the National Spiritual Assembly
of the Baha’is of the United States