Welcome!  We are pleased to offer you an assortment of digital downloads designed to enhance your use of the Teaching Unity book. There are four colorful PowerPoint shows, printable student handouts, color photos of our human family from around the world, and more.  These downloads are available for no charge.  PowerPoint No.1, is free to the public.  Download it now using the link below!  The remaining downloads are free to purchasers of the Teaching Unity book. Please register on our homepage for your free account or log in with the Facebook button. For additional race unity materials, visit our UnityWorks online bookstore.

PowerPoint DownloadPowerPoint No.1


New title: ONE HUMAN RACE. This PPT illustrates themes in Teaching Unity, Unit 1, p. 26. (48 slides)



PowerPoint Download PowerPoint No.2


This PowerPoint illustrates themes in Teaching Unity, Unit 2, activity #4, p. 38.  (61 slides)

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PowerPoint Download PowerPoint No.3


This PowerPoint illustrates themes in Teaching Unity, Unit 3, activities #3-5, p. 61-64. (37 slides)

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PowerPoint Download PowerPoint No.4


This PowerPoint reviews concepts in Teaching Unity, Unit 4, activity #1, p. 78-79. (27 slides)

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PDF DownloadStudent Handouts


This download includes handouts for all Teaching Unity lessons, plus craft patterns, children’s performance notes, plans for a camp, and more.

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PDF DownloadColor-Pak


This Color-Pak contains 73 full-page color photos and illustrations designed to accompany the lessons in Teaching Unity.

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PDF DownloadTemplates No.1


This file contains a blank Bingo Form (page 15 in Teaching Unity) which can be filled in with your own questions, and a Certificate of Completion (page 243) to which can be added each child’s name.

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Microsoft Word DownloadTemplates No.2


This file contains sample event fliers, registration forms, schedules and a program which can be edited to suit your needs.

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PDF DownloadOvercoming Prejudice

Overcoming Prejudice3

This 2-page article is for parents and teachers.

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More to come!

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