Teaching Unity is a guide for parents and teachers with learning activities for ages 8-12

Teaching Unity

  • Filled with fun, hands-on, kid-tested learning activities, this easy-to-use curriculum guide is written in plain language and is designed for any level of educator from novice to experienced.
  • A useful resource for parents, teachers, scout masters, camp counselors and home schoolers.
  • Teaching Unity supports the Common Core educational standards across multiple subjects and grade levels.
  • It incorporates Marzano’s nine high-yield classroom strategies throughout the book.
  • It contains a treasure trove of ideas for academic classes, after-school clubs, Saturday or Sunday schools, weekend retreats and summer camps.
  • Its purpose is to help prepare our children to live as citizens in a global society-recognizing our interdependence, respectful of our differences, and working together towards a prosperous and peaceful world.

The book is based on the principle of the oneness of humankind

  • We come in different shapes, sizes and colors. We speak different languages and have different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. But we live on one planet, breathe the same air and walk upon the same ground. It is time to recognize that we are one human race. There is no us or them; it’s all us!
  • Along with a recognition of our oneness comes an understanding of the value of diversity and the need for unity.
  • It is not enough to celebrate Black History Month, International Women’s Day or Cinco de Mayo.
  • We need a new holistic vision of ourselves as diverse human beings.

The book is organized in a sequential, step-by-step format

  • The lessons incorporate a variety of teaching and learning strategies, including warm-up activities, demonstrations, readings and stories, crafts, songs, felt lessons, role plays, discussion starters, memory quotes, puzzles, poems, worksheets, research projects, outdoor games and more.
  • In addition to detailed lesson plans, there are simple patterns for making instructional materials, student handouts, song sheets, music scores, plans for a children’s performance, and a comprehensive planning guide for organizing a weekend retreat or week-long Unity Camp.
  • Your purchase includes free downloads with four colorful PowerPoint programs, printable handouts and over 70 pages of color photos and illustrations to accompany the lessons.

The teacher’s guide has four sections:

  • The Light of Unity
  • Unity in Diversity
  • The Colors We Are
  • Overcoming Prejudice

Awards and Recognition

Teaching Unity was honored in 2013 as an IP Notable by Independent Publisher Magazine, which called it “a title of distinction…As important as the ABCs and the 123s.” And in May 2014, Teaching Unity was named a Finalist in the Education/Academic category for both the Next Generation Book Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards. The book was also highlighted in the Fall 2014 edition of Skipping Stones – the award-winning multicultural literary magazine.


As long as there are children, there is hope!

Each generation brings a fresh opportunity to renew the world. Teaching Unity provides parents and teachers with the tools they need to get started.

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