Dr. Randie Gottlieb is the head of UnityWorks – an international diversity training firm, co-founder of the Mona Foundation supporting grassroots educational development worldwide, and adjunct professor of Multicultural Education at Heritage University on the Yakama Nation Reservation.

Dr. Randie Gottlieb

She is the author of eight other books and holds degrees in education from Cal State, Boston University and Harvard.

Her work has taken her to over 30 countries, including 11 years in Puerto Rico, where she managed an international training center and with her husband, founded a Montessori-based elementary school.

A word from the author:

Thank you for visiting this site and for your mutual interest in teaching unity. It is hoped that this easy-to-use teacher’s guide will serve as a valuable starting place in helping children to not only understand some of the challenges we face, but to identify potential solutions, to develop an increasingly multicultural perspective, to build skills and capacity, and to become empowered to act as a positive force for justice and harmony in the world. I am profoundly grateful to my loving family without whose support this book would not have been possible.